Amy Northard CPA – Accountant For Creatives



Amy Northard is a Certified Public Accountant based out of Indianapolis, who works with creatives all over the US to make taxes and bookkeeping less scary. She’s not your parent’s accountant and her goal is to make the overwhelming money tasks you deal with as a business owner simple and manageable.



About 5 years ago, Amy took the plunge and left her safe, secure CPA-firm job to start her own accounting practice where she could work with clients who inspire her daily. When she’s not not preparing taxes or reviewing bookkeeping, she loves to educate small business owners so they aren’t buried in stress and can focus on their true love: their craft.



You can connect with her via Twitter @AmyNorthardCPA, on Facebook, or via Instagram.

“Being relevant means that I always keep learning and adapting to best serve my clients.”