Jay Curcio is the Executive Chef and Owner of The White Apron  and  Sofi & Luca’s in Dover, NH.

“The difference is in the details.”  Chef Jay Curcio has been actively involved in the culinary world for most of his adult life, having had the pleasure of sharing food knowledge and impeccable catering services with the Seacoast area for more than 11 years now. The variety of experiences Jay gained during his early career in the food industry all led him to open The White Apron, where he currently is owner and executive chef. He loves the fact that The White Apron allows him to oversee a team of incredible talents, and has brought him the opportunity to cook for clients from a variety of backgrounds. From corporate events to weddings, local fundraisers to cocktail parties, private corporate jets to elegant events around Lake Winnipesaukee, The White Apron has done, and continues to do it all!


In addition, Jay also owns Sofi & Luca’s (named after his two children) a made to order bakery hand crafting freshly-baked cookies and treats. You can sample these “treats” at the Relevant Workshop!



“I consider my understanding of industry trends, while maintaining the integrity of the food I prepare, to be relevant in what I do for a living. Being able to communicate with a client, giving them an understanding of how we successfully contribute to their important day, and exceeding their expectations, is what I strive for. After all, food isn’t just what sustains us, but what also brings people together.”