Kate Martin owner and Big Chief of Beautiful Days since 2005. Treasure Hunter and Styling Maven of Maine Prop House since 2015. 

Designer, bon vivant, renaissance gal, flower lover and creative adventurer. Seeking beauty, knowledge and inspiration from art, music, food, architecture, interiors and fashion everyday.


Every Sunday morning my dad would come home with New York Times. I would flip right to the fashion section then I’d eat up the arts and leisure section, exploring all that was “happening” in the world beyond the small island of Nantucket where I grew up. Inevitably my passion for the pretty things and wanderlust led to styling chic window fronts with modern fashion mixed with antique treasures, digging in the dirt of beautiful gardens,  ski bumming and photography in Colorado, more photography and adventuring in Central America and interior design in San Francisco. Peppered through out has been alot of live music, off the beaten track diversions, food indulgences and family and friend gatherings.  Ultimately landing in Maine… I love where I live and love what I do.


“Staying relevant means being open and honest, adventurous and ambitious, genuine and curious.”