Maria Northcott is a Wedding Officiant and owner of A Sweet Start and the Maine Wedding Network.

Native New Englander. Former school teacher. Sought-after wedding officiant. Of all the labels that describe Maria Northcott, however, the one you’ll hear most is “creator of community.” It’s not just weddings that are Maria’s passion- it’s the people at the heart of those weddings. Whether it’s couples planning their wedding or the professionals who serve them, Maria thrives on building relationships and making connections.


Not only is Maria in demand as an officiant by couples across the country, but she’s also the founder of the Maine Wedding Network fostering a sense of collaboration and support among professional wedding vendors throughout the state. Whether it’s a discussion by the wood stove in her midcoast cottage or at one of the 20+ weddings she officiates each year, Maria exudes a warmth that draws people in, makes them feel comfortable, and sends them back into the world with a brighter spark in their eye.


“Being relevant means always being open to learning new things. I stay relevant by actively seeking out new information and different ways of perfecting my craft. Being relevant means searching, striving and exploring. To me, it’s not about using the newest technology or downloading the most recent social media app, it’s so much more than that. It’s being open to new messages, to new language, to new ways of being. It’s about self-reflection and not staying stagnant. Routines are good, but stretching and reaching is what allows us to grow and keeps us relevant.”