2018 Presenters | Relevant Workshop
The Relevant Workshop is a place for wedding community members and creative business professionals to come together for a day of inspiration, education, and engagement which will elevate the wedding industry and strive to keep us relevant in our craft.
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Tiffany Farley is an artist and educator who specializes in motherhood and family photography. Having started her business in 2011, she has worked full time in her business for the past 3 years. She is the founding editor of The Fount Collective, an online community and submission blog devoted to the art of being a mother, under which she has hosted several sold-out educational workshops. She is passionate about seeing business owners define their own success, create stand out brands, and build sustainable businesses.


MORNING SESSION: “Finding Focus in your Brand & Clients”

• The definition of branding.
• The difference between branding and marketing.
• How creating a focus in your brand eliminates the competition and creates a freedom in your business.
• How creating a focus in your brand reduces the overwhelm of business decision making.
• Knowing who your client is and who your brand needs to speak to
• 3 Lessons I learned in defining my ideal client.
• Inviting your ideal client into an experience with your brand.
• The purpose of your website
• Interactive worksheets for each attendee for the presentation


AFTERNOON BREAKOUT: “Finding Focus in your Client Process”
• Creating a client process timeline, clearly defining each step of the client experience.
• Brainstorming a system for each individual step of the client experience.
• Identifying any “bottlenecks”, and brainstorming solutions for 2018
• Walking away with a Big Picture Plan for 2018 as well as first Action Steps for effective and powerful systems in 2018.
• Interactive worksheets for each attendee for the breakout


“To me, being relevant means that I am staying aware and perceptive of what my client both wants and needs from me, and working hard to always meet them with a meaningful experience ahead of time. It is connecting with my clients in a way that moves them far beyond the transaction, and instead builds a lasting relationship.”

Kristi Drago-Price
Editor’s Edge

Kristi Drago-Price is the brain behind Editor’s Edge, a boutique Visual Marketing and Content Consulting Agency. Combining her Fine Arts education from the Fashion Institute of Technology and School of Visual Arts with years of professionally photographing weddings and over a decade of experience as the photo director of Condé Nast BRIDES magazine, she developed Editor’s Edge to fill a void for creative entrepreneurs. With Editor’s Edge, Kristi combined her unique skill set to help brands differentiate themselves and increase their business through honest, no-nonsense consulting, hands-on visual content production and insightful speaking engagements.


With her range of knowledge, Kristi has a 360° understanding of the marketplace. Her experience working at top media companies, from Condé Nast to XO Group and HEARST, is evidence of how seamlessly she collaborates with commercial and editorial brands. She can take a project from concept to production, while art directing the creative, managing a team, balancing budgets and sticking to deadlines.


Kristi’s photo art direction work spans genres across fashion, beauty, food & beverage, lifestyle, interiors, wedding and travel in photo and video for use in print, web, and social media formats.


MORNING SESSION: “The Visual Revolution: Curating Your Visual Presence”
Forget the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.” With an estimated 500 million photos viewed daily, your brand’s images must be worth much more to rise above the chatter of the visual revolution.


Kristi will tap into her decade’s worth of industry experience; insights and humor to provide tips on curating an effective and cohesive visual brand. Whether you’re a planner, designer, photographer, venue or product based company the images that represent your brand must be on point, now more than ever, to attract your ideal client.


Learn the simple mistakes your visuals may be making, the inner dialogue of your viewer, and how to organize your images better than the Container Store! Walk away with a new way of seeing the world and your brand in it.


AFTERNOON BREAKOUT: “Feedback is Your Friend”

Hear from the past editor of Condé Nast BRIDES magazine! Kristi will lead an interactive breakout group as a follow up to her morning talk on curating your visual presence. Want to know what your visual image is saying about your brand? Your business? In this breakout, Kristi will lead the group through an interactive feedback session. Discover that not only can a critique be constructive for business growth, it can also become your friend! Get insights and feedback on YOUR visual message and see if it matches up to what you want to be saying.

“Relevant is not only staying up to speed on industry trends it’s relating to your community and clients.”

Jackie Watson, a wedding and luxury event designer, is nationally recognized as a planner, trendsetter, and leader among her community. Owner of planning company Jaclyn Watson Events since 2011. Jaclyn is the past president of the Vermont Association of Wedding Professionals and an Award winning wedding planner. Some of her current accolades are the Ace Industry Award, The Knot Award, Best of Weddings, along with multiple national and international wedding blogs and magazine features. Jaclyn has also created and spearheaded A Salute to Our Soldiers, a military wedding giveaway. Jaclyn’s craft as a planner is to be a story-teller. Her mission in the industry is to innovate and educate her fellow peers through community, collaborations, and connections. Her motto is, “failure is when you do nothing, success is when you try something”, so who is ready to think outside the box with her!



MORNING SESSION: “The Art of Networking”

Whether you’re a familiar or brand new face in an organization or networking group, everyone wants to be comfortable. People tend to gravitate to people they like. It’s important that people have their “huddle time” with familiar faces, friends, and their core network, but it’s also important to also introduce yourselves to new people.“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” -Bill Nye  “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, the other is gold…” -Sue Lynch


For some people, networking comes naturally, while for others it’s completely terrifying. Some may be nervous, anxious, and they might simply not know the fundamentals on how to network, they may not have the social skills, or it’s work to them and they just want to drop some cards to feel like they accomplished something.


Every once in a while when someone comes in hot with their business card it feels like a sales call more than a networking moment. You know who you are, the person ready to give you 60 cards all at once.  Individuals (or companies) must really embrace participating in various types of events to fully add value and get something meaningful out of it. It might only take one networking event to become friends, while with others it may take years, or a lifetime to build the rapport you’re looking for.


Join Jackie in learning “Three Hardcore Rules To The Art of Networking” and why it will either be a sales pitch, true networking, or a great friendship.

“I believe that each year I grow as an individual and as a company. For me, being relevant is simply never being complacent. Every day is a new day to learn something new from what you’re doing and from others that surround you, and that is something that I find remarkable. Growth is not something to be feared but something to be embraced and when you do that you will be right where you’re supposed to be.”

Beth Fitzgerald
Full-Stack Rails, Web Developer
Magg Press
A Web Development & Strategy Company

Beth Fitzgerald, owner of MaggPress LLC, is an award-winning full-stack web developer. She began her career in journalism and ran a successful photo studio for 15 years. After creating her own web startup, Beth won a Women Who Code scholarship to Bloc of San Francisco, where she earned a certification in full stack web development. Beth coaches all-things-online, from social strategy to targeting traffic. Her keynote lectures on Millennial Marketing and Competing in Competitive Web Markets are fun and engaging. She combines her unique set of skills to create and build web projects for business. Beth is also a mom, a wife, and a dog-lover.


AFTERNOON BREAKOUT: “Aggressive Online Strategy” 

Are other businesses booking better than yours? Get ready to BE aggressive, BE, BE, aggressive! Learn Google’s new rules and advanced online advertising/SEO techniques in this fast-paced hot topics class. It’s 30-minutes of what-would-Beth-do know-how, 30-minutes of strategic plans for better results, and 30-minutes of open discussion. Fill your sales funnel, get more by doing less, and learn where not to waste your time & money. Sure, we want everyone to do well, but we want you to do a little better. Game. On. And, yep, you’ll go home with info and something free.

“Being relevant is the careful balance of incorporating new ideas into your business while staying true to your passion and purpose.”

Jessika Brooks-Brewer
CEO of French’s Point
@fpmaine | FB @frenchspoint.maineweddings
Founder of the Maine Wedding Planner Cooperative & Maine Wedding Venue Cooperative.

Jessika Brooks-Brewer is a 16 year veteran to the Maine wedding industry and the CEO/Owner of French’s Point, a private 14 acre estate located in mid-coast, Maine where families come together to celebrate milestone events and weddings. Jessika is a proud and dedicated member of the wedding community in Maine.


Jessika is on a personal mission to support and elevate wedding professionals and promote Maine to the top destination wedding location in New England. She has a keen understanding that in order to stay relevant in this industry, you must remain an open, motivated, steadfast learner. Her background in hospitality, business, and social services makes her uniquely qualified to understand the perspectives of both clients and colleagues.


Jessika has applied a methodical approach for steering her business through change with careful market research, and analysis of the resulting data in her efforts to guide her businesses evolutions along. She’s seen big and small trends and changes in the industry and economy lead to radical outcomes and she is working to stay a step or two ahead. With four children, a tiny but mighty team, a growing wedding venue with an eye on the future, Jessika understands the rigors of this work and what it means to be a striving entrepreneur and small business owner.


AFTERNOON BREAKOUT: “Fearful vs Fierce. Bravely Pivoting Your Wedding Business.”

In this session, you will learn to:
Reframe FEAR to find OPPORTUNITY
Chart your course toward SUCCESS
And Walk FIERCELY toward your GOAL.

“By definition, “Relevant” means applicable, consistent, significant, and suitable. I think in order to remain relevant in the wedding industry, it means my energy investments need to be applicable to my goals for my business, I need to be consistent about the message I am sending about my business, I need to be an active, engaged participant in the industry to have significant voice with my peers, and my offerings need to be most suitable to the portion of the market I seek to service.”

Leah Haydock
Wedding Photographer
Leah Haydock Photography

With twelve years experience in the corporate world behind her, Leah Haydock started her photography business in one of the worst recessions this country has ever seen. Leah is now in her eleventh year of running her successful six-figure photography business all without ever paying for advertising.


Her award-winning work has been published in numerous magazines and wedding blogs and Leah has spoken on the topics of profitability, client communications, finding your target clients at various photography conferences and workshops.


In her spare time, Leah documents her love of home cooking and fine dining in the great state of Maine at www.MainelyEating.com. Leah lives in Casco, ME and Boston, MA with her two miniature dachshunds.


AFTERNOON BREAKOUT: Pricing & Profitability! Is your business really making money? In this breakout session, you will learn how to gauge your profit margin, how and when to say NO, and discuss creative discounting tactics.

“Staying relevant in the wedding industry doesn’t mean slavishly following trends and panicking over new forms of social media! Staying relevant means being closely connected to my clients and other wedding professionals. The wedding industry is a people business and you have to treat people well and work incredibly hard.”

Sarah Pike
Proprietor, Farm Girl & Chief Experience Officer
Tops’l Farm – Waldoboro, Maine

Sarah Pike grew up on one of Maine’s first certified organic farms…but spent early adulthood running in the opposite direction of farming. As is often the case, the call of home became strong and in 2017 and Sarah, along with her husband (and two young boys) have returned to Maine and launched their passion project, Tops’l Farm.


Tops’l Farm is a glamping/farm retreat and event space in Waldoboro Maine. Since 1938 Tops’l Farm has been a spot where families and friends have gone to connect and enjoy its pristine 83 acres. Sarah and Josh have made certain to preserve the essence of this history while building on an ever-important mission to allow those of us in the throes of modern life to escape to the farm & its woodland for some much needed fresh air, quiet, and space.


AFTERNOON BREAKOUT: Brand Vision Creation & Staying Your Path

Sarah Pike, owner, operator & Chief Experience Officer of Tops’l Farm, will talk about brand vision creation and what it takes to stay true to the path you want the shape of your business to take.


Drawing on experiences from several entrepreneurial ventures, Sarah will share her personal process & story, how social media can help (or hurt) this evolution, and how to remain steadfast through the beginning, middle & future evolutions of your business.

“Staying relevent means keeping a keen eye on timeless aesthetics & experieces while acknowledging the modern world around us and its ever changing, fast pace!”

Heather Robertson
Founder and CEO
Bold Arrival

Heather guides budding leaders to seasoned pros to inspire and realize their best work. The outcome: more confidence, clarity and elevated success.


She leads professional trainings, yoga and meditation programs and has advised 100’s of women and men from the state level to the private sector.  She launched and subsequently sold her first business by the age of 35 and, currently, co-owns a premier outdoor adventure company on 65 acres in northern New Mexico in addition to Bold Arrival.


Beyond her formal education, Heather has extensive training in leadership, yoga, meditation, facilitation and communications. She has been interviewed from national radio shows & podcasts, to keynoting for conferences to unsuspecting publication interviews like the Women’s Adventure Rider Magazine and Telluride Magazine. In addition to her love for business and adventure Heather has been a certified yoga & meditation educator for over two decades and continues her training with mentors in Switzerland and the United States.


What she offers is her unyielding perspective and knowledge that you are… “Built for the Calling and Designed for the Experience!”


Do you feel both excited and overwhelmed as a business owner? Do you wear all the hats in your creative endeavor? Everyone has challenges with maintaining and growing a business. Heather invites attendees to pursue their business strategy through her inspirational teachings ~ because, honestly, having an entrepreneurial spirit is one wild ride.


She knows that people who are driven to explore their limits and grow are on a path of personal adventure and success. They turn chances, choices, and challenges into moments of authentic expression. These moments are ground-breaking peak experiences. We call them BOLD ARRIVALS and they are everywhere on the journey to one’s best work. Let’s discover yours.

“It is an ability to take in information and disseminate what matters to stay on the road to success and well-being. Without being relevant we lose our grip on growth and direction. To be iconic trailblazers we have to be relevant and we do this through educating ourselves while remaining open to being inspired with new ideas, concepts and strategies.”